5 steps to choose the right helpdesk service provider

How to choose a good helpdesk service provider? These questions will help you identify the right service provider with a specific approach that matches your organization’s values ​​and customer expectations.

1. Does the support service provide a clear agreement?

SLAs are important in measuring the customer’s pulse, service experience, performance, and expectations. By mutually agreeing to the scope of work clause in the SLA, you can sign up for the most appropriate support structure for your business. By accessing your MSP needs and then pre-defining the metrics in your service agreement, you can ensure that there are no support gray areas or escalation surprises.

2. Is the support service available 24x7x365?

Most support services are fully operational overnight and on weekends, but you need to make sure the service provider you choose to work with can meet your scheduling requirements. Set expectations for working hours and ask them directly if they can stick to these shift schedules.

3. Will you receive proper reporting?

A trusted Help Desk always has detailed reporting capabilities, as stats and analytics scores provide MSPs with valuable insight into the performance of the Help Desk, helping them prove their worth to you. Reporting makes it easy for MSPs to see patterns that indicate high CSAT and KPI scores that contribute to uptime and cost-effectiveness.

4. What is the support service certification?

ITIL, the world’s most widely used service management framework, is an integrated set of best practices and a process framework for delivering IT support services. Similarly, a SOC 2 Certified Service Partner securely manages your data to protect your organization’s interests and your customer’s privacy on a quantitative level.

5. Does the service desk have a well-defined onboarding process?

A smooth transition from an in-house help desk or another IT outsourcing provider doesn’t have to be stressful or disruptive. Therefore, always check the registration process as part of the selection process so that you know that you will get a smooth start to the service as soon as you sign the dotted line.