A powerful exercise of the mind to advance as a leader

Imagine that this is your birthday in the year 2025. In fact, draw a circle on the ground with that date written on it. Step into it, literally. Believe as if it already is, already now. Next, pay close attention to who is here and what is going on, what you see, hear and say. Approach it with great (love-based) energy, lifting and connecting everywhere.

This is the beginning of a very powerful exercise I learned from renowned executive coach Kathy Fleming to help leaders embody their future and identify what they may need to get there. The key is to really project yourself into the future, feel yourself there and use all your senses to imagine what it might be like to already be there. Then to go back to the present to determine how to get there, how to reach that future.

Will you believe yourself in the future, without limitations?

Are you ready to see what might lie ahead, without judgment?

Amare’s 3 steps to making your future now

Questions for yourself in the future. As you are in your circle of 2025, pay attention to: What do you see? Who is there? What are you hearing? What are you saying to yourself? What emotions do you have? What has been accomplished? How is your bank account? How is your happiness account?

Questions for your present self. Go back to the present and think about the future you imagined. What changes have you made in the way you are? In what you are doing? What have you accomplished? What may have been in your path? What or who supported you? What resources have you used? Take it all in.

Connect the dots. Now consider the whole exercise. Notice if you allow yourself to imagine what your future might actually be, fueled by the energy of love. Notice your willingness to accept help and support to achieve the future you desire. Feel free to repeat this exercise often, and with your team, too.

Go beyond your normal thinking and planning with this projective exercise. Allow yourself to use all of your senses to imagine what your future as a leader could be, and what you can do now to make all that it can be.