Added the ability to generate AI images on WordPress

WordPress has unveiled a new plugin that uses Block Diffusion to generate images from text cues. Announced in a Sept. 16 blog post, the advanced machine learning model will allow users to create unique images by inserting the desired text as input.

The plugin interfaces with API replication and allows users to run open-source models through their cloud API. You can add a block to the page and select a model to enter the API token. Along with Stable Diffusion, other planned features such as Reverse Image To Prompt, AI Prompt Animation and Face Restoration will soon be introduced to the platform.Kevin Batdorf, Senior Full Stack Javascript developer and plugin contributor, tweeted about how it will help create a unique experience for visitors.

Users will be able to activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen on WordPress. Other future features will allow users to use an existing image as a starting point, help with quick ideas and inspiration, run multiple image predictions at once, view prediction history and select models from collections.
In 2021, WordPress was used by more than 455 million websites, accounting for 37% of all websites online. Because the feature is open source, interested users can also help support the development of this plugin by sponsoring the project on GitHub.