Amazon Reaches $2 Trillion Milestone Amid AI-Driven Market Surge Inc. has reached a $2 trillion market valuation for the first time ever as an artificial intelligence-fueled rally pushed the tech giant deeper into record territory. Shares rose 3.9% on Wednesday to close at $193.61, pushing the market value to more than $2 trillion. The company now joins an elite club of a handful of peers that have surpassed this key market capitalization threshold. Alphabet Inc. passed the $2 trillion mark in late April, while rallies have pushed the market values of Nvidia Corp., Microsoft Corp., and Apple Inc. to over $3 trillion.

Amazon shares have been volatile since the company’s first-quarter earnings, where the cloud unit posted the strongest sales growth in a year, propelling the stock back above its all-time high set in April. The stock surged in June, recovering losses from the end of May, and has gained 27% so far this year.

Shares of the megacap technology company have gotten a lift over the past year as Amazon cut costs and restructured its business to better capitalize on the AI frenzy. Additionally, its key Amazon Web Services (AWS) business has shown signs of re-accelerating growth, a major point of optimism for investors.

“Part of the good stock performance over the last six to nine months for Amazon has been related to the fact that it was oversold at the end of 2022,” said Dan Romanoff, an analyst at Morningstar Investment Service.

The AI-driven rally that has propelled Amazon to this milestone is part of a broader trend affecting major tech companies. Alphabet, Nvidia, Microsoft, and Apple have all benefited from investor enthusiasm around AI technologies, which are seen as key drivers of future growth in the tech sector.

Amazon’s achievement of a $2 trillion market valuation is a testament to its robust performance and strategic positioning in the AI landscape. The company’s ability to innovate and adapt its business model to leverage emerging technologies has been crucial in maintaining its competitive edge.

The cloud unit’s resurgence has been particularly significant, as AWS remains a cornerstone of Amazon’s business and a major contributor to its revenue growth. The recent sales growth in this division underscores the growing demand for cloud computing services, especially those integrated with advanced AI capabilities.

As Amazon continues to expand its AI-driven initiatives, the company is poised to further cement its leadership in the technology sector. The successful integration of AI into its business operations not only enhances its service offerings but also creates new opportunities for growth and market expansion.

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