Another Google product algorithm update is scheduled for August 2022.

The upcoming update continues Google’s efforts to showcase more useful, in-depth reviews based on first-hand experience in search results.

Google’s timing for the next product review update is consistent with the findings of the helpful content update just announced.

When added to the July product review update, that’s three confirmed Google algorithm changes per month.

It looks like Google is aiming to clean up the front page of cheap content, focusing on content that people use to make buying decisions.

A bit of detail about the next product review update – More on the same?
Google’s announcement offers a bit of detail about the next product review algorithm update. If you had reviewed the blog post, you might have missed it because the mention was brief. The announcement reads:

“We know that product reviews can play an important role in helping you decide what to buy. Last year, we launched a series of updates to showcase more useful, in-depth reviews based on personal experiences in search results.

We’re continuing to improve these systems, and in the coming weeks we’ll be posting another update to make it even easier to find high-quality, original reviews. We’ll continue this work to make sure you find the most useful information when you research shopping online.”

Looks like the next update will be the same.

Google’s messaging around its product review algorithm hasn’t changed much from one update to the next. It’s reasonable to expect Google’s guidance to stay the same this time around.

A possible link to a useful content update?
Google’s next product review update should start around the same time the useful content update rolls out.

The proximity of a useful content update and a product update suggests a possible connection between the two.

I think useful content updates will allow Google to better identify product reviews that add unique value or demonstrate first-hand knowledge. Both algorithms are designed to identify similar qualities in content. In a blog about helpful content updates, Google offers the following tips for evaluating page value:

“Does your content clearly demonstrate direct experience and depth of knowledge (e.g., experience from actually using a product or service or visiting a place)?”

This sounds similar to what a product review update is looking for.

When a useful content update is complete, Google can take the findings and apply them to the next iteration of the product review update.

This can increase useful product review pages that Google missed in previous updates.
Conversely, Google can also use the data to identify low-quality product reviews. Pages that were not devalued after previous updates may then drop in rankings.

It is not known if Google will provide more information about the next product review update before it is launched.