Best Cryptocurrency Marketing Agencies in 2022

Crypto marketing services are essential if you want to be successful in a rapidly saturated field. Companies need marketing exposure to get the information they need to attract investors and customers, and this is where a crypto marketing firm can help.

BDC Consulting

BDC Consulting, operating since 2011, is the largest crypto marketing consulting company in existence. The team showed itself remarkably in the development of cryptocurrency projects, demonstrating a high level of knowledge. Their clients include, Waves, CoinsPaid and OKEx. The firm offers a wide range of digital marketing services for crypto businesses, integrating as many tools as possible in the process.


ICODA uses a data-driven strategy to add value to a marketing organization anywhere in the world. This is a marketing firm that not only specializes in digital and cryptocurrency marketing but also offers a wide range of other services to clients. Their Blockchain and Cryptocurrency experts are showing great results working with many successful companies.


The platform is a prominent member of the crypto and blockchain marketing industry, but more like an intermediary. Coinzilla is more of an ad network than an advertising firm, according to its website. Some of the most famous crypto companies and blockchain projects use the platform to distribute their banner ads to the most popular crypto blogs and news outlets.