Evidence of new Twitter features leaked by security researcher

Security Researcher Discloses Details on End-to-End DM Encryption and Cyber Prosecution Measures That May Appear on Twitter

Security researcher Jane Munchun Wong reveals details about new features under development on Twitter.
End-to-end encryption can appear on Twitter
There may also be a cyber-stalking feature.
Security researcher and reverse engineering blogger Jane Munchun Wong has found evidence that Twitter can bring through encryption to Twitter, as well as two other possible changes that are very useful.
She released information through a series of tweets that leaked information about new features that are still under development.
Trivial but useful change
The first change to come is to remove the original field.
The source field is a section under each tweet that specifies which device was used to publish the tweet.
This function must have a purpose, but it is not immediately apparent.
Ultimately, it is a trivial change, but it is probably useful because it reduces the mess.
End-to-end encryption
End-to-end encryption (E2EE) is a secure communication protocol that is fully confidential, with zero access for any other party except those involved in messaging.

That’s a good idea. But there are also those who express legitimate concerns about adding E2EE in the exchange messages that are not necessarily tied to the phone as WhatsApp and Telegram.