Google improves search results with several features

Google updates store search results with new tags highlighting coupons and promotions, as well as the ability to compare prices from multiple retailers.
According to a recent Google survey, among Americans planning to shop for the holidays, 43 percent plan to search for deals and sales more than last year.
Google is a central part of shopping for U.S. customers. On average, 60% say they have used Google properties for shopping in the past two days.
To help searchers find the right products at the best prices, Google is launching several new features.
New Google Search Labels for Coupons & Promos
Google introduces new search labels for coupons & Promos
Google is introducing a promotion icon in search results for items that offer a discount using a coupon code, such as “15% with HOLIDAYS coupon code.” In addition, the new coupon clipping feature allows searchers to save promo codes when they are ready to buy.
It’s worth noting that Bing beat Google to the punch with this feature, as it added coupon codes to search results back in August. Nevertheless, each company’s implementation of this feature is pretty distinctive.
Compare Offers Nearby with Nearby
Google Introduces New Label Search for Coupons & Promos
Google data shows that shoppers are making a lot of website conversions. In 2022, more than half of U.S. shoppers visited multiple sites before deciding what and where to buy.
A new deal comparison tool in Google’s search results makes it easier to see deals between retailers. For example, if you search for “women’s fufu coats,” Google will show a comparison of available deals in SERPs.
Price Information.
Google introduces a new search for coupon labels
Google’s price score feature comes to search results to help shoppers make more informed purchasing decisions.
The price information allows you to see prices at different merchants and whether the price is low or high based on historical values.
All of these features are triggered during the holiday shopping season.