Google News Publisher problems

A bug that was reportedly present in the Google News Publisher Center was brought to the attention of numerous news publishers over the weekend. This particular issue states that “there are no items to show.” It was reported that this is a bug in Google’s system and the company is trying to fix it.
In the Google News Publisher Help forum, a post was made by Bagun, who is a Platinum Product Expert “Your publication is not returning any content at this time because Google News is experiencing technical difficulties due to a problem on the Google side.
This problem has already been brought to the attention of the group and I will add your report to the escalation of this problem. Once the problem is resolved, your piece should appear regularly again.”

There are at least two separate posts that were made on Twitter, in addition to at least three posts that were made on Google News Publisher Center Help Forums.

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Again, this seems to be a bug with Google, but a Google spokesperson has not yet commented on the issue. However, we have received a response from a product expert at Platinum.