Google opens a free course with Kubernetes

Google Cloud and NASSCOM have partnered to create a new foundation to prepare students for entry-level cloud work. Announced Sept. 22, Google Cloud aims to build a solid computing foundation with ‘Google Cloud Computing Foundations with Kubernetes,’ a beginning course in partnership with Kubernetes and FutureSkills, Meity-NASSCOM’s digital skilling initiative.

While the focus will continue to be on mastering digital technologies, this beginner course is expected to give participants a basic background in cloud computing and help them understand elementary concepts of big data and machine learning (ML). The course also offers hands-on training through the Google Cloud Skills Boost platform to help a variety of career paths, including data analytics, IT infrastructure, developing your own Cloud applications and more.

Anil Bhansali, vice president of engineering and head of the India Development Center at Google Cloud said: “Google Cloud certifications will help people test their expertise in cloud technology, enhance their careers and transform their businesses with Cloud technologies.” According to the statement, upon successful completion of the program, participants will receive a certificate of completion and badges to prove their professional suitability. In addition, the course will be provided free of charge to freshmen and undergraduate students who are looking to enhance their knowledge based on new technologies.

NASSCOM CEO Kirti Seth says, “A coherent course, it will not only introduce people to cloud computing, covering cloud basics, big data and machine learning, but also give them the opportunity to learn at their own pace.”

According to the Gartner report, cloud technology is becoming more prevalent as enterprises continue to invest more in cloud offerings, which also increases the demand for talent in the cloud ecosystem.
Kubernetes is an open source system used to automate software deployment, scaling and management. It builds on Google’s 15 years of container experience, as well as valuable contributions from the open source community.