Harman, a Samsung-Owned Giant, Expands Audio Realm with Acquisition of Roon Platform

Harman, owned by Samsung, has announced the acquisition of the Roon audio platform. Roon, known for its multi-device music playing system across various brands and rooms, caught the attention of Harman, a global player in the audio electronics industry.

Harman, boasting a portfolio that includes renowned audio brands like AKG, dbx, JBL, and Soundcraft, has been under Samsung’s ownership since 2017. The synergy between Harman’s expertise and Samsung’s technological influence is evident in products like Samsung headphones and smartphones.

Dave Rogers, President of the Lifestyle Division at Harman, expressed that this acquisition aligns with the company’s mission to “create exceptional sound quality” for partners and consumers worldwide. By integrating Roon into its ecosystem, Harman aims to enhance the audio experience for its global audience.

Enno Vandermeer, CEO of Roon, sees this collaboration as a game-changer, providing Roon with the scale, resources, and global reach associated with a technology powerhouse. The Roon brand will maintain its independence, allowing it to focus on business growth and future innovation while benefiting from the support of Harman’s extensive network.

Importantly, Roon will share its expertise in data management and consumer engagement with all of Harman’s partners, including Samsung Mobile. This collaboration is poised not only to redefine the audio landscape but also to contribute valuable insights to the broader technology ecosystem. As Harman continues its commitment to delivering cutting-edge sound quality, this acquisition marks a significant stride in shaping the future of audio experiences for consumers around the world.