IBM acquisition of Software AG Integration Platforms for €2.1 billion

IBM has announced its acquisition of Software AG’s enterprise integration platforms, StreamSets and webMethods, for €2.13 billion. This transaction is set to elevate IBM’s position in the competitive landscape of AI-driven enterprise solutions and hybrid cloud services.

StreamSets and webMethods, integral components of Software AG’s Super Ipaas business, offer a suite of services, including application integration, API management, and data integration. The acquisition aligns with IBM’s commitment to innovation, aiming to leverage the expertise of the StreamSets and webMethods teams in shaping the future of hybrid cloud and AI solutions for enterprises.

Christian Lucas, head of the supervisory board of Software AG, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the unique opportunity to bring together the talents of StreamSets and webMethods with IBM. This partnership is poised to drive advancements in creating cutting-edge solutions catering to the evolving needs of enterprises in the realms of hybrid cloud and AI.

The transaction, valued at €2.13 billion, is contingent upon regulatory approvals and is anticipated to conclude in the second quarter of 2024. As IBM continues to broaden its portfolio, this acquisition signals a strategic move to remain at the forefront of the rapidly evolving landscape of enterprise technology. Source