LinkedIn has partnered with Meta, Oracle and IBM to expand its professional training course offerings and certifications.

LinkedIn is expanding access to professional certifications through new partnerships with Meta, Oracle and IBM.

Professional course content and certifications offered through LinkedIn allow people to improve their skill set with materials from trusted vendors.

At the end of the course, users can talk about their skills. LinkedIn says 44% of people have added certifications to their profile in the past two years.

Meta, Oracle and IBM courses add to LinkedIn Learning’s growing library, which subscribers can access for free.

New subscribers can access the material for free with a one-month trial, which converts to a $39.99 monthly subscription after a trial period.
While the course material is included in the LinkedIn Learning subscription, certification exams cost extra.

However, LinkedIn Learning subscribers receive a substantial discount on the cost of the certification exams.

More information about new courses is available through LinkedIn Learning.

Metaprofessional certifications.
Professional certifications from Meta allow people to stand out with a demonstrated advanced level of skill in digital marketing and social media.

Three meta courses offered through LinkedIn training include:

Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associate: Covers topics such as establishing a presence on Meta and understanding value, the basics of advertising, and creating, managing and reporting on advertising on Meta platforms.
Meta Certified Community Manager: covers topics related to defining and building a community, developing community strategies and processes, making strategic content decisions, engaging and monitoring communities, and measuring and analyzing community success.
Meta Certified Media Buy Professional: Covers topics related to planning and organizing campaigns and reporting, measuring and optimizing campaigns.

Oracle University Professional Certifications
Professional certifications from Oracle can prepare people for new career opportunities in working with cloud infrastructure.

Oracle University courses offered through LinkedIn include:

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cert: Assistant Architect
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cert: Foundations
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cert: Architect Professional
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Cert: Cloud Operations Associate
Oracle Standalone Database Cert
IBM Professional Certificates
Professional certifications from IBM can prepare people for new career opportunities in cloud computing.

IBM courses offered through LinkedIn training include:
Certified IBM Cloud Advocate.
Certified IBM Cloud Technical Advocate
Certified IBM Cloud Professional Architect
IBM Certified Cloud Professional Site Reliability Engineer
Recruiting based on skills on the rise
Completion of certification courses and exams offered through LinkedIn training does not guarantee employment. Nevertheless, LinkedIn is seeing a rise in skills-based hiring.

In a blog post, LinkedIn writes:
“Over the past two years, LinkedIn and Microsoft’s partnership in the Global Skills Initiative has helped tens of millions of people learn the skills required in in-demand positions through free access to content from mentors.

We surpassed our goal of helping 250,000 companies in skill-based hiring in 2021 with new and existing hiring products – empowering more than 400,000 companies to make qualified hires this year.”

As part of the company’s ongoing commitment to helping the unemployed build and demonstrate their skills, LinkedIn acquired EduBrite earlier this year.

EduBrite is a platform that creates and accepts professional certifications and assessments, expanding the offerings for LinkedIn Learning subscribers.