Meta has released new privacy settings

Meta released new Facebook and Instagram privacy settings: Meta just unveiled new privacy features for teens and teens on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Specifically, Facebook’s age restrictions are now automatically enabled when a user is under 16 or under 18 in some regions.Facebook is about to start pushing its young users to make their profiles more private by limiting who can view their friends list, who they tag in posts, who they subscribe to and who can comment on their public posts.
It’s been more than a year since Instagram made private profiles the default for new users under the age of 18, and now Facebook has made similar changes. As a result, Meta is experimenting with security measures to prevent underage users from interacting with strangers, including adults they consider dangerous.
When a minor blocks or reports an adult’s account, it’s alarming. If Meta detects that the user is under 13, it will not see that account in its “People You May Know” suggestions. Meta is also testing a feature that disables the “message” option on a teen’s Instagram profile whenever an adult views their profile, fearing for their safety. Meta is also partnering with NCMEC to develop a global platform for young people who are concerned that their personal photos may be posted online without their knowledge or permission.
The service is designed to help Meta prevent minors from posting personal photos online. The mechanism will work similarly to the way Meta already blocks adults from posting personal photos. Meta says that once the platform is developed, it will be widely used by businesses of all sizes in the technology sector. “We are working directly with NCMEC, professionals, academics, parents and victim advocates around the world to help build the platform and ensure that it meets the needs of children so they can regain control of their content in these terrible situations,” Meta. wrote in a blog post. We’ll have more information about this new resource in the coming weeks. Meta is partnering with Thorn and their NoFiltr brand to dispel the taboo of sharing personal photos. The goal of the educational materials is to encourage young people who have been victims of sexting to get the help they need and regain control of their lives.