Microsoft’s Windows 10 End of Support May Contribute to Massive E-Waste: Canalys Research

Canalys Research reveals that Microsoft’s decision to discontinue Windows 10 support might result in the scrapping of approximately 240 million PCs, potentially exacerbating landfill e-waste. While some PCs may linger in functionality post-support, Canalys warns of diminished demand due to security update absence, pressuring owners to discard older devices.

Microsoft’s slated end of Windows 10 support on October 14, 2025, and provision of paid security updates until October 2028 prompt concerns. Unspecified costs and a potential mirroring of past trends may make transitioning to new PCs more cost-effective than maintaining older ones, escalating e-waste—estimated at 480 million kg.

Recycling avenues exist, with laptop batteries offering indefinite recyclability for metals like lithium and cobalt. Server hard drives can also contribute to electric car engines and renewable energy. However, premature disposal of hard disks contributes to a surplus of waste rare earth magnetic materials, signaling a broader environmental challenge.

Source: Reuters