New targeting from Google

Google is going to replace the old FLoC targeting system with a new one, the so-called Topics

The trial version is already running in the Chrome browser. The user can set privacy or disable the function altogether, but cannot see which categories it associates him with.

Unlike a FLoC, the Topic does not group users into cohorts. When you visit the site, the system will select 3 relevant topics for you and share them with this site and with advertising partner and store this information for 3 weeks.

However, not everyone is happy with this decision. Mike Woosley, Lotame COO, says that even the difference between the keywords “Sports” and “Hockey” can be the difference between worthless and worthwhile for digital marketers. The latter category might just be 3% to 4% of the traffic in the former.

Mel Bessaha, senior vice president, demand at Connatix, said the industry must continue to test contextual alternatives to identify a successful option when cookies are no longer an option to fall back on.