Performance and brand marketing join forces

Brand and performance marketing have historically been divided, but the pandemic and the growth of social media and eCommerce are encouraging new combinations

According to Johnny Grubin, founder and CEO of product sampling platform SoPost, if you’ve ever received a perfume sample from cosmetics group L’Oréal or hand gel from Unilever in the mail, then you’re part of that evolution.

“Giving someone a physical sample of a product helps increase productivity by collecting data that can be used for customer relationship management and other marketing efforts,” explains Grubin. “But the pattern also allows marketers to improve brand engagement through packaging, how-to guides, or sustainability messages. It’s not just a buying message, it’s a friendlier and gentler approach.”

Jordan James of Unlockd Marketing is not surprised by the result. He says that when the disciplines of brand marketing and performance marketing come together, the effect can be exponential.

Effective marketing means campaigns that lead to a specific customer action such as a lead, click, or sale. In brand marketing, long-term campaigns are aimed at increasing awareness and reputation. While a combination of both sounds like a pretty obvious approach, historically they have been foreign.