SEO or design – which is more important?

When it comes to website promotion, the conclusion suggests itself – SEO helps to put the site at the top of the search system, and accordingly, it is more important, because Google does not care what picture you put on the title page.

But in fact, everything is not so simple, and the design plays a role in SEO effectiveness. Although Google doesn’t care about the pictures on the title page, the visitor cares about it.

However, you need to be careful during the design process, because it can both help SEO and harm it. You can upload many colorful images and videos to your welcome page, which can help. But if you have attracted the attention of visitors, this does not mean that he was satisfied.

Core Web Vitals is responsible for displaying export content on the site. The larger and heavier the content posted on the site, the longer the page loads. Do not forget about this, because according to statistics, an average person closes a site that loads longer than three seconds.

Also, when creating a website design, do not forget its purpose. Its aesthetics should be based on the content, and not vice versa.

If you correctly approach this issue, the conclusion can be drawn as follows: design and SEO are equally important and it is important to find a balance between them.