Telegram became second most popular messenger after WhatsApp

Telegram CEO Pavel Durov announced that 2022 was a successful year for the messaging app. Telegram reached the impressive mark of 700 million active users, cementing its place among the top five most downloaded mobile apps in the world.

In addition, 2022 was Telegram’s first year of monetization, and the results exceeded the company’s expectations, providing a solid financial foundation for future growth. The successful year was also marked by the release of dozens of new features that changed the way messaging apps work and how billions of people communicate.

Telegram has surged in popularity over the past 5 years, overtaking Facebook Messenger as the most popular cloud-based messaging app. With only WhatsApp ahead, Telegram is steadily narrowing the gap year by year. Durov promises that in 2023 the company will steadily continue on this trajectory, developing new features and updates.

According to Inclient portal, in 2022 the most Telegram downloads were in India (70.48 million), Russia (24.15 million), the U.S. (20.03 million), Indonesia (19.61 million) and Brazil (18.04 million). Messenger is popular among users in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and the U.S.