What is web scraping and why you should use it

Is your e-commerce business harnessing the power of external data to improve decision-making, maximize profits, and grow your business? If not, you may be left behind.

Web scraping uses specially programmed scripts to crawl the Internet and extract data from e-commerce websites and online marketplaces. These scripts (or “bots”) make hundreds of requests for data per second and then parse and deliver it in format marketers can understand.

By providing you with powerful data-driven insights, web scraping can give your business a significant edge, helping you outperform your competitors, produce better products, and deliver superior customer service.

Web scraping was once the preserve of large companies that could afford to invest in the talent and technology needed to extract large amounts of public data from the Internet. Like all other areas of technology, web scraping has since evolved with solutions that give small players the tools they need to implement cost-effective data collection strategies at scale.