Why You Should Mix Digital and Traditional Marketing

While most practitioners are more familiar with and accustomed to traditional marketing channels, digital marketing can provide more bang for your buck. Ideally, you should invest in a combination of traditional and digital marketing to reach as many patients as possible.

Traditional marketing includes television advertising, billboards, and all print media. A single commercial on a local channel can cost thousands of dollars to produce and air. Depending on location and type, billboard costs can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month. The main problem with traditional marketing channels is that tracking can be inaccurate and relatively inflexible.

Therefore, it is worth investing more in digital marketing at the initial stage. Digital marketing includes websites and certain landing pages, social media, email campaigns, blogs, reviews, and search ads.

In general, digital marketing requires much less investment and may even include components that cost next to nothing.

Digital media is extremely flexible, making it easier than ever to get targeted information to potential customers. One of the huge benefits of digital marketing is that different digital media channels can work together to enhance branding and consolidate messages.

Once a solid foundation for digital marketing is in place, adding traditional marketing can increase the effectiveness of digital marketing.