Apple Unveils Feature-Rich Accessory Kit for Vision Pro, Priced at $1041

Apple has released a comprehensive accessory kit for its much-anticipated Vision Pro headset. Priced at $1041, these optional add-ons promise to enhance user comfort and utility.

  1. Travel Case – $199: Crafted by Apple to safeguard the Vision Pro during travel, the case features a retractable handle, battery compartments, and provisions for ZEISS optical inserts.
  2. Optional Battery – $199: A sleek aluminum external battery, connected via a braided USB-C cable, ensures two hours of general use, 2.5 hours of video playback, and a full day online.
  3. ZEISS Optical Inserts – Starting at $99: Tailored for prescription or reading needs, these inserts offer enhanced visual clarity within the Vision Pro.
  4. Ultra Light Seal – $199: Designed to block stray light, this seal attaches magnetically to the Vision Pro and ensures an immersive experience. Magnetic cushions are included for easy cleaning.
  5. Ultra-Light Cushion – $29: Easily removable and available in multiple sizes, the cushion adds comfort and can be cleaned effortlessly.
  6. Belkin Battery Holder – $49.95: A purpose-built holder for securing the Apple Vision Pro battery on a belt or pants, providing convenience and accessibility.
  7. Optional Braided Strap – $99: The Solo Knit Band offers cushioning, breathability, and elasticity, ensuring a snug fit for the Vision Pro. The Fit Dial adjuster provides customization.
  8. Optional Dual Loop Band – $99: Comprising top and bottom straps, the Dual Loop Band attaches to audio straps and offers quick detachment when needed.
  9. Optional Charging Cable – $29: A two-meter braided charging cable supports up to 240W charging, data transfer, and sync between USB-C devices.
  10. Power Adapter – $39: Compatible with various USB-C devices, including the MacBook Air and Apple Vision Pro, this adapter supports efficient charging.

While these accessories elevate the Vision Pro experience, Apple acknowledges their optional nature. With pre-orders for the headset surging, the delivery date has been pushed to mid-March, indicating overwhelming demand for this groundbreaking spatial computing device.