Changing the scale as ‘Zoom Team Chat’, adding new features

On Monday, Zoom unveiled a new ‘Zoom Team Chat’ (formerly called Zoom Chat) with additional features to adapt to the post-pandemic hybrid rig operation. With the launch of the new Team Chat, the company aims to provide smoother collaboration between professionals and empower teams to communicate quickly and securely.

Zoom Team Chat is expected to offer a powerful hub with chat rooms and channels to connect work streams, keep projects on track, and stay connected to the entire team and key stakeholders. Team Chat is expected to make it easy to collaborate by combining messaging, files, third-party apps, video, voice and board in one app.Users can now collaborate on a board, raise a chat to a meeting or phone call, or even share a recorded video conversation-all within the Zoom platform.

Group chat will not only be used to communicate with the organization’s employees, but will also provide a seamless and secure connection for outside contacts, including vendors, consultants and customers. As part of the brand expansion, Zoom is updating its brand colors, typography and product icons with the launch of a global campaign, introducing a new visual element that represents Zoom’s new unified platform.

Zoom’s well-known logo will remain the same, but at the center of its campaign, it introduced a visual that shows itself as a space that connects all work streams. In addition, the platform also introduced features such as sharing chat during a meeting, responding via chat to an upcoming meeting, integrating with a third party and marking a message with a ‘reminder’ feature.