Google Joins ‘Make in India’ Wave, Begins Pixel Smartphone Production Locally

Google has announced the commencement of Pixel smartphone production in India. Following the footsteps of tech giants like Samsung and Apple, Google aims to cater to the surging demand for its devices within the Indian market.

Rick Osterloh, Google’s Senior Vice President of Devices and Services, revealed the company’s plans at its annual event in India. He stated, “We are collaborating with both international and domestic partners to locally assemble Pixel smartphones. This marks the initial phase of our broader manufacturing plans in India, showcasing Google’s dedication to the country.”

This strategic move aligns with Google’s mission to expand its manufacturing capabilities, reducing its reliance on imports and meeting the growing local demand. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro devices are set to roll out from the Indian production lines starting next year, offering consumers cutting-edge technology crafted within the nation.

Google’s decision follows its recent partnership with HP for manufacturing Chromebook laptops in India. This move not only underscores India’s prominence as a manufacturing hub but also signals Google’s commitment to fostering indigenous production capacities, aligning with the Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative.

India, with its burgeoning tech market and investor-friendly policies, has become a focal point for global tech companies seeking to establish local manufacturing bases. Samsung, in a pioneering move, set up the world’s largest smartphone factory in India five years ago. Concurrently, Apple’s manufacturing partner, Foxconn, is investing significantly in Indian infrastructure to produce iPhones and semiconductor chips.

New Delhi’s proactive approach, offering lucrative incentives, has attracted these global players, reflecting a broader industry trend known as “China + 1.” This strategy involves diversifying manufacturing bases beyond China, enhancing supply chain resilience, and embracing the growing potential of regions like India.

Google’s decision not only marks a pivotal moment for its operations but also amplifies India’s position as a global technology manufacturing powerhouse, poised for transformative growth and innovation in the coming years.