Google Renames Bard to Gemini and Launches its Most Powerful Ultra 1.0: Unveils AI Model Gemini 1.5

Gemini 1.5 Pro Surpasses Expectations

Gemini 1.5 Pro, Google’s general-purpose model, proves to be on par with the recently released Gemini Ultra and outperforms its predecessor, Gemini 1.0 Pro, by an impressive 87% in tests. Utilizing the “Mixture of Experts” (MoE) technique, this model processes specific portions of the overall model for each request, enhancing speed and efficiency.

Expansive Context Window and Game-Changing Features

Gemini 1.5 boasts an enormous context window of 1 million tokens, allowing it to handle significantly larger queries and process extensive information at once. Google CEO Sundar Pichai emphasizes its potential for business use, citing applications like reviewing entire movies or analyzing massive financial records simultaneously. The contextual window’s size is groundbreaking, equating to approximately 10-11 hours of video or tens of thousands of lines of code.

Business Focus and Limited Consumer Access

Initially, Gemini 1.5 targets business users and developers through Google’s Vertex AI and AI Studio. It is set to replace Gemini 1.0, while the consumer version, Gemini Pro, with a contextual window of 128,000 tokens, will be available at and Google’s apps.

Gemini Advanced and Mobile App Enhancements

Formerly known as Bard, Google’s AI chatbot now carries the name Gemini. The chatbot runs on the Pro 1.0 model across 230 countries in over 40 languages. Two new features, Gemini Advanced and a mobile app, aim to enhance user engagement with AI.

Gemini Advanced: A Powerful Learning Tool

Gemini Advanced grants access to Google Ultra 1.0’s advanced AI model, excelling in handling complex tasks like coding, logical thinking, and collaboration on creative projects. Acting as a personal tutor, it provides step-by-step instructions, sample tests, and discussions tailored to the user’s learning style. Gemini Advanced introduces enhanced multimodal capabilities and interactive coding features, making it a comprehensive tool for various applications.

Mobile App for On-the-Go Assistance

Google introduces mobile experiences for Gemini and Gemini Advanced, offering new apps on Android and iOS. Users can type, talk, or add images for on-the-go assistance, such as receiving repair instructions for a flat tire or creating customized images for invitations. The Gemini app, downloadable or accessible through Google Assistant, brings contextual help and features similar to the Google Assistant voice assistant.

Subscription Plans and Global Availability

Gemini Advanced is part of the new Google One AI premium pricing plan, costing $19.99 per month after a free two-month trial. Gemini will gradually roll out on Android and iOS phones in the US in English, expanding to other regions and languages in the coming weeks.

Looking Ahead: A Competitive AI Landscape

As Google strives to stay at the forefront of AI innovation with Gemini, the tech industry witnesses a competitive landscape with OpenAI also announcing significant advancements. Sundar Pichai believes that eventually, users will only consume the experience without paying attention to the underlying technology, but for now, the race to build the best AI tool continues.

Source: The Verge