Massive update: Facebook is working to allow reels to scroll automatically

Facebook, the world’s most eccentric yet distinctive social media platform, is persistently enhancing its platform to partake in the competition for the aforetime bestowed throne. Facebook has a huge list to work on in 2022; the company has already begun to kickstart its plans on the platforms; as we saw a month ago, Facebook has brought up an uncanny and absurd feature in an abrupt situation.

But, what we call the pioneer of social media wouldn’t merely drop down its branches for goats to graze in an open meadow. We have been approaching the year’s halfway mark, and Facebook has already been planning to roll out the best feature of the year. A well-known tipster @Alessandro Paluzzi revealed that Facebook is looking to change its reels format.

He claims, “Facebook is working to allow the Reels/Short Videos feed to scroll automatically.” If there is one person who constantly talks about social media’s new features right now is Alessandro Paluzzi. Also, his forecasting is the best in the industry.

If we get this feature on the app, it will be called “Sword for couch potato” since we have miserably failed to hold the phone in one hand and the other should be scrolling the feeds. But, what we are doing instead is taking up a bunch of snacks and forgetting to take a quirky look at the screen.

Moreover, this yet-to-be-rolled-out feature could’ve been popular if released a few months back. For now, we don’t have any clue about the date and time, but what we can assure you is the feature that will undoubtedly come out soon since it demands social media.

It is noteworthy that recently, Facebook has moved all the navigation elements, including menus, and settings, to the left on the platform’s desktop version, with a blank space starring the users on top of the page.

Many users have found it ludicrous and perplexing. However, a few people opted in for the update. This is how Facebook has notified the users about the update “We moved all your navigation options into one place,” it said. “This change combines everything you need on Facebook — your profile, search, notifications, messages, etc.”