Microsoft Ads reveals new Smart campaign features

Microsoft Ads announced a new simplified setup for Smart Campaigns on Thursday, September 8.

The update also includes a key new feature that sets them apart from Google Ads. If you’re running paid media ads, it’s worth exploring the new experience.

Microsoft is rolling out the experience migration in the next few months, but existing advertisers may be considered for early access to the features.

New Simplified Experience
Microsoft Ads Smart Campaigns originally launched in 2021 for the U.S., U.K. and Australian markets to select advertisers.

In response to the growing needs of IMBs in today’s economy, Microsoft has improved the campaign setup experience to be more streamlined.

The Smart Campaign update includes:

A new campaign experience
Updated chat experience with support
Simplified ad setup with self-creation or auto-creation options
Updated AI (artificial intelligence) solution for optimization
The result? A simpler and more efficient workflow to save you time.

Multi-tablet competitive advantage
The most notable feature of the Smart Campaign update is its multi-platform capabilities.

This new feature is only available on Microsoft Ads, giving them a big competitive advantage over Performance Max type Google campaigns.Google (formerly Smart Campaigns) offers ad inventory across all of its properties such as Discover, YouTube, Gmail, Display, and Search. But the ad inventory stops at Google properties.

With the new Microsoft Ads Smart Campaign experience, you can now expand your advertising reach and run ads through a combination of these platforms:

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft’s updated artificial intelligence solution automatically optimizes for better performance on selected placements.

Why you should care
Microsoft Ads continues to make competitive strides not only in the search market, but now a multi-platform.
Whether you fall into the SMB category or not, this feature offers significant benefits to your PPC program.

Activate your website and social media efforts. If you’re trying to build your brand organically, the multi-platform feature can generate social media awareness on Facebook and Instagram. In addition, Microsoft’s new tools allow you to schedule social posts and respond to customers in a single interface.
Scale advertising and audience reach quickly. If you’re in a niche market and search volume is low, Smart Campaigns’ multi-platform feature can be a great way to get in front of your target if they’re not looking for your product or service.
Advanced testing capabilities. If you’re already running Google and Microsoft Ads, this can be a great test to determine the most effective way to advertise to your audience. Microsoft Ads generally advertises lower processors than Google, so it doesn’t hurt to try.
Simplified campaign management. If you’re short on time or just starting out in PPC, Microsoft Smart Campaigns can be a great place to start. From simple setup to multi-platform management, it’s an inexpensive entry into the digital space.

If you want to learn more about the new Smart Campaign, register for Microsoft’s newest webcast on Sept. 20.