Samsung Unveils 2024 TV Lineup at CES: AI Upscaling and Glare-Free OLED Steal the Spotlight

Samsung took the stage to reveal its highly anticipated 2024 TV lineup, featuring groundbreaking technologies such as artificial intelligence for upscaling and a revolutionary glare-free OLED model.

The star of the show is the QN900D, touted as “the thinnest and most premium 8K TV ever to hit the market.” Armed with AI Upscaling Pro, this quantum dot TV addresses the scarcity of 8K content by converting 4K content to 8K and enhancing HD/SD media to 4K. Innovative features like Real Depth Enhancer Pro and an intelligent recognition system promise an immersive viewing experience, even during fast-paced activities like car racing.

Not stopping there, Samsung introduces the QN85D, a more affordable 8K QLED TV without the high-end AI-assisted conversion features. The company broadens its scope with the 4K NEO QLED TV lineup, offering the QN90D and QN85D, catering to various consumer preferences.

Notably, Samsung dives into the realm of OLED technology with the S90D and S95D models. The S95D, ranging from 55 to 77 inches, steals the spotlight with its glare-free OLED display. Samsung assures consumers that this technology enhances viewing experiences in both bright and dark rooms without compromising viewing angles or image contrast. The S95D, a mere 11mm thick, boasts a 4K 144Hz resolution panel.

Addressing the demand for larger screens, Samsung introduces a plethora of 98-inch models across its Neo QLED 8K and 4K, QLED 4K, and Crystal UHD lines. The Supersize Picture Enhancer, an AI-driven feature, tackles the challenge of pixel visibility on larger screens, enhancing clarity and reducing noise to deliver an impeccable viewing experience.

Samsung’s commitment to innovation shines through in its 2024 TV lineup, setting a new standard for the industry and promising consumers a future of unparalleled visual excellence.