Samsung Unveils AI-Integrated Refrigerator at CES: Designs Recipes Based on Stock and Dietary Preferences

Samsung is set to revolutionize kitchen experiences with its latest innovation – the Flex four-door refrigerator featuring AI Family Hub+. This smart fridge, to be showcased at CES next year, goes beyond traditional functions. Its internal chamber identifies individual foods and suggests recipes based on the user’s current stock, offering a personalized culinary experience.

While similar models were introduced in 2023, the updated version boasts additional features. The refrigerator seamlessly connects to Samsung Health profiles via Family Hub, adapting recipes to align with the owner’s dietary needs. The 32-inch touchscreen display facilitates streaming from Galaxy smartphones, allowing users to watch TikTok and YouTube videos while in the kitchen.

The Vision AI feature, although limited to recognizing up to 33 foods, adds a layer of convenience. Users can manually input expiration dates for items on the touchscreen, receiving timely notifications when they near completion.

Samsung envisions this smart fridge as a central component within its AI-enabled kitchen ecosystem, complementing other appliances like AI ovens. The company is committed to integrating technology seamlessly into daily life. In a forward-looking move, Samsung also plans to introduce the Anyplace cooktop model, featuring a pull-out cooktop with a seven-inch LCD screen for convenient recipe viewing from Samsung Food while cooking. As technology continues to reshape our homes, Samsung remains at the forefront, enhancing the kitchen experience with innovation and connectivity.