SpaceX Unveils Starlink’s Next Evolution: Sleeker Design, No Motor, and a Wider View

SpaceX has launched the third generation of the Starlink terminal, promising enhanced features for users. The new iteration sheds weight and size while bidding farewell to the motor for position adjustment, opting for a more stable stand. Initially, this cutting-edge technology will be exclusive to a select group of buyers in the United States.

The revamped Starlink terminal boasts a 10% wider field of view, providing users with an even more expansive range of connectivity. Notably, the motor exclusion has streamlined the design, making the device lighter and thinner. The novel terminal’s durability is marked by a significant upgrade in protection against dust and moisture, boasting a robust IP67 rating, making it submersible up to 1 meter deep for 30 minutes.

SpaceX recommends a user-friendly installation process, involving manual orientation with the help of a stand and smartphone-based satellite positioning. The third-generation Starlink aims to cater to residential users with applications ranging from streaming and video calling to online gaming, promising a seamless online experience.

The comprehensive package includes the Starlink terminal, kickstand, a third-generation router, a 15m Starlink cable, a 1.5m AC cable, and a power supply. The terminal features an electronic phased array antenna with a 110° field of view, and the router supports Wi-Fi 6 technology with a range of up to 297m² (3,200 ft²). The entire system is designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions, including snowmelt rates and high wind speeds.

SpaceX’s commitment to advancing satellite internet technology is evident in the third-generation Starlink, signaling a new era of connectivity for users seeking reliable and high-performance satellite internet solutions.