TikTok Hijacking, over 2 billion users lost data

On Monday, cybersecurity researchers uncovered a possible data breach in the Chinese short-form video app TikTok. The hack is believed to involve database records of nearly 2 billion users.

On the same day, several cybersecurity analysts tweeted about the “discovery of an insecure server security breach that accelerated access to TikTok’s storage that contained users’ personal data.” “This is your warning. It is reported that TikTok suffered a #data # breach; if so, there may be negative consequences in the coming days. We recommend you change your TikTok #password and enable two-factor authentication if you have not already done so,” BeeHive CyberSecurity tweeted. She also mentioned that she had verified a sample of the extracted data and emailed it to private customers and email subscribers.

A TikTok spokesperson reportedly said that their team “verified the issue and determined that this code was not related to the TikTok source code.”

The issue was also cited by the Microsoft 365 Defenders research team tracking susceptibility in the TikTok Android app, allowing hackers to take the personal data of millions of users with a single malicious link.

The Chinese company denies all allegations after hackers claim to have user data and source code.

The susceptibility could harm millions of users by exploiting privacy, providing leverage to attackers, as expressed by the tech giants in a statement last week.